Understanding Your Bill

Learn how to read and understand your energy bills and other billing related questions.

How do I read my bill?

Our bills are designed to be easy to read and to help you understand your electricity usage.

1) Bill Summary
Important bill information and summary of your contract, account, and amount payable.

2) Summary of Charges
Breakdown of transaction, monthly charges, voucher redemption or credits if applicable, and outstanding charges.

3) Consumption Graph
Monthly breakdown of your electricity consumption for the past 6 months.

4) Details of current charges
More details on your electricity charges, non-electricity charges if applicable, and discount if available.

5) Payment Option
Payment options for you to make payment for the bill.

6) Contact Information
Contact details and information should you need help for any electricity related emergencies.

When will I receive my first bill?

You will receive your first bill after 14 business days from your billing cycle end date. You may refer to your SP Group bill for details on your billing cycle.

How do I view my bill?

To view your bill, please login to your account here.

What is a paper bill fee and where does it appear on my bill?

To encourage customers to use e-billing and contribute to climate-friendly action, there will be a charge of $1.605 (inclusive of GST) per monthly paper bill. The paper bill fee comprises of the cost of printing and postage.

The paper bill fee will appear under "Other Charges" on the second page of your monthly bill.

How do I opt for e-billing and how does it work?

To opt for e-billing, simply contact us. Our Customer Solution Specialists will assist to switch your account from paper bill to e-billing or vice versa. Changes will be effective on the next billing cycle.

When you opt for e-billing, your bill will be sent to your email monthly. An SMS notification will also be sent to your mobile phone when your bill is ready for viewing. Alternatively, you can access your bill via our online portal or mobile app.

Benefits of e-billing include:

  • Easy access to your bills and account information anytime, anywhere online or via our mobile app.
  • Receive prompt notification via SMS and email when your bill is ready.
  • Avoid the risk of mail being lost in transit
  • Leave a "green" thumbprint on the environment.
Can I use U-Save GST vouchers to offset my electricity bills from Senoko Energy?

U-Save GST vouchers have to be used to offset any charges from SP Services first. This means that your gas and water bills will be offset first, and any remaining credits can be used to offset the electricity bill from Senoko Energy.

When your U-Save rebates have successfully been used to offset your electricity charges, it will be reflected under "Summary of Charges" on your bill.

How are my estimated charges computed?

The estimated usage will be calculated by multiplying the average daily usage between the last two actual reads period, by the number of days in the current billing period. Any over or underestimation of bill will be adjusted in subsequent bills when the meter reading is taken.