Accounts and Contracts

Accessing your account details, payments, and amending your personal information.

Where can I view details about my account, payments, and billing details?

You can edit your account details by logging into your Senoko Energy account here.

What are the standard terms and conditions in my price plan?
How do I update my personal particulars?

You may update your personal particulars by logging into your Senoko Energy account here, or contact us.

I am moving to a new address. How do I transfer my service?

Simply contact our Customer Solution Specialists via contact us form or call us.

We will cancel your existing contract with your old residence, and create a new contract with your new residence. Your plan will continue without disruption.

Please note that there is an administrative fee of $10.70 by SP Group to close your SP account.   

What happens when I need to terminate the contract early?

In the event of an early termination before the contractual service period, an early termination fee will be charged as follows:

In a 36 months contract S$856.00 S$535.00 S$321.00
In a 24 months contract S$535.00 S$321.00 Not Applicable
In a 12 months contract S$321.00 Not Applicable Not Applicable
How do I renew my contract?

Just 4 you, Senoko Energy offers contract renewal as early as 4 months before your contract end date. We will send you a renewal notice 120 days before your current contract ends. Here are the steps to actively renew your electricity contract online:

  1. Sign in to your Senoko Energy online account
  2. Select your preferred price plan
  3. Review your new contract details and confirm

If we do not hear back from you, we will automatically renew your electricity contract with a recommended price plan. Don't worry - your renewal rate will still be lower than the regulated tariff rate. 

If you would like cancel your Senoko Energy contract, please inform us at least ten (10) business days before your contract end date.

My contract is ending. Do I need to inform Senoko Energy if I do not want to renew?

Yes, please inform our Customer Solution Specialists via contact us form or call us.

I already signed up for an electricity plan, but wish to make amendments to my contract.

A service fee of $21.40 (including GST) is applicable if you would like to change your price plan and/or promotions prior to your contract start date. Kindly note that such request is subject to prevailing price plans and promotion availability. 

For assistance, please contact our Customer Solution Specialists via our contact us form or call us.