Renewing Your Home Electricity Plan With Senoko Energy

Renewing Your Home Electricity Plan With Senoko Energy

2 June 2021

Thank you for choosing to switch to Senoko Energy during the launch of the Open Electricity Market to enjoy electricity bill savings.

Sooner or later, your electricity contract will reach the end of its term. When that happens, what do you do?

Senoko Energy Will Send You a Renewal Request

We will send you a renewal notice as early as 90 days before your current contract ends, informing that you're eligible to sign up for a new plan. Subsequent reminders will also be sent 90-day, 60-day, 30-day and 10-day prior to your contract end date.

Renew Early To Lock In Attractive Rates

Early renewal allows you to enjoy cost savings with our prevailing market rate and promotions, and helps us to manage our power generation costs more efficiently. You can lock in your renewal rate first whenever you see an attractive deal. Your renewed contract will only take effect after the expiry of your current contract.

Renewing your home electricity contact with Senoko Energy can be done in 3 simple steps! Here's how you can actively renew your electricity online:

How To Renew As An Existing Customer

Step 1

Login to your Senoko Energy online account and click the Renew button.

Step 2

Select the price plan you want to renew with. Add a promo code to enjoy more savings.

Step 3

Review your personal particulars, new contract details and submit!

If you have forgotten your password to your Senoko Energy online account, you may request for a password reset by contacting us.

What happens if I did not do anything to renew my contract?

If you did not actively renew with any new plan, your contract will be automatically renewed upon expiry. Not to worry though - your renewed electricity rate is guaranteed to be lower than the regulated tariff at the point of renewal.

This new contract will be sent to your registered email address (or home residence if you've opted for hardcopy bills) 10 calendar days prior to your contract expiry. You will also have 30 calendar days to let us know if you would like to make any amendments to your renewed contract.

View Auto-Renewal Rates

Recommended Plans

Switch and enjoy rates as low as 20.02¢/kWh vs SP regulated tariff of 25.02¢/kWh. No security deposit or monthly service fees!


12 months plan


20% Discount

Enjoy rates as low as 20.02¢/kWh (based on Q3 tariff)


24 months plan



Do your part for the environment with our green energy plan


12 months plan



Lock in our low 12-month fixed rate