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Switching to Senoko Energy

All residential households and small businesses in Singapore are eligible to buy electricity from Senoko Energy under the Open Electricity Market! When you switch to Senoko Energy, you can enjoy more savings and better control of your electricity costs.

Making the change to Senoko Energy is easy and can be done in various ways. Best of all, no registration fees are required for this switch in power suppliers. All you need is your latest electricity bill from SP Group or other existing electricity retailer in Singapore.

How do I change electricity suppliers in Singapore?

How to switch – video guide

Here's a step-by-step guide on how you can sign up with Senoko Energy online.

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Step 1: Select a Price Plan

Before proceeding with the switch, have a look at Senoko Energy’s range of energy price plans. Make a choice that considers factors like your budget, use of electric equipment and comfort level when it comes to the contract commitment period. 

Step 2: Enter your Referral or Promo Code

If a friend recommended the move to change electricity providers in Singapore, you can enter their referral code to enjoy more savings on your plan. Alternatively, if you participated in any of Senoko Energy's ongoing promotions, you may also enter the relevant promo codes.

Step 3: Submit Particulars

Fill in the forms with your identification details and information enabling the switch in your electricity retailer from SP Group to Senoko Energy.

Step 4: Upload Latest Electricity Bills

Prepare a scanned copy of your most recent electricity bill.

Switching Process

The process of switching power suppliers in Singapore will take us 6 working days upon receiving your application and supporting documents. It will take 31 calendar days if you requested for a change to an Advanced Meter.

There is no disruption to your electricity supply when you switch to Senoko Energy as your electricity supply will continue to be delivered via the national grid managed by SP Group. The switch to Senoko Energy is only a change in billing relationship between you and the power companies.

If you have requested for an optional Advanced meter change, there will be a 30 minutes service disruption during the meter installation.


Benefits of Switching to Senoko Energy

The switch to Senoko Energy is easy and hassle-free. Here are some of the benefits that Senoko Energy offers when you choose us as your electricity supplier in Singapore:

  • More Savings: Take advantage of competitive priced electricity packages to save on your electricity bills.
  • Switching for Transparency: Take control of your energy consumption with detailed real-time data, so you know exactly how much power you’re using and when.
  • Choice: Choose from a range of plans that best suit your small business’s electricity budget or household lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions about Switching Electricity Providers in Singapore

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Is a security deposit required to switch to Senoko Energy?

Currently, security deposit is waived for all Senoko Energy residential plans so you have one less consideration to deal with when changing electricity suppliers for your household.

Are there early termination charges?

In the event of an early termination or change in power supplier before the contractual service period, an early termination fee will be charged as follows: 

In a 36 months contract S$872.00 S$545.00 S$327.00
In a 24 months contract S$545.00 S$327.00 Not Applicable
In a 12 months contract S$327.00 Not Applicable Not Applicable
When I switch to Senoko Energy, what will happen to my security deposit with SP Services?

You will get a partial refund for your security deposit upon the change in electricity suppliers.

SP Group currently collects a security deposit from all consumers when they open their utilities account. The security deposit covers electricity as well as non-electricity (i.e. water and town gas) services.

The amount of security deposit required by SP Group from residential consumers is published here.

When you switch to buy electricity from an electricity retailer, the security deposit with SP Group will be split between your electricity and non-electricity accounts. The amount of security deposit allocated to your electricity account (65% of the security deposit) will be used to offset any outstanding charges with SP Group. Any remaining security deposit allocated to your electricity account will be used to offset future non-electricity charges. Alternatively, you may request SP Group to refund the remaining security deposit allocated to your electricity account to you.