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Household FAQs


Am I eligible to switch?

We will only be able to switch households after the EMA officially liberalised the electricity market for your area.

Starting in April 2018, households in Jurong with postal codes starting with 60, 61, 62, 63 and 64, will be able to switch to a retailer of their choice.

Households outside of the region will be able to switch in the second half of 2018 when the EMA fully liberalises the entire market.

Please refer to the Open Electricity Market website for more information.

How do I switch from SP to Senoko?

Once you are eligible to switch, you may sign up with us through submitting a Customer enquiry form on our website.

You will need to have these items ready:
- EBS or MSSL account number
- Applicant’s NRIC number and scanned images of ID (back and front)
- Household contact and address
- Last month’s electricity bill
- Address of premise to which electricity is supplied

In addition, You will be able to switch regardless of whether you are using AMI or SRLP meters.

How long will the switching process take?

Once we receive your application with the updated information and supporting documents, it will take around 6 business days for the plan to take effect.

Do note that if there is a request to change meter from a SRLP to AMI, it will require a total of 30 calendar days for the process to be completed.

Will there be a disruption in my electrical supply?

The way electricity is physically supplied to your premise will not change. To switch to Senoko, we do not need to do any installation at your premise.

Unless there is a change of meter type, there will not be any disruption caused by a change of electrical retailer. For a change of meter, the disruption will be less than half an hour.

What will happen to my gas and water supply if I were to switch electricity retailers?

You will get a separate bill for your electricity charges from Senoko. Your gas and water supply will continue to be billed by your existing provider.

How do I pay my bills?

You can pay online at through your Senoko account portal using MasterCard or Visa, or through a physical AXS machines.

How are my estimated charges computed?

The estimated usage will be calculated by multiplying the average daily usage between the last two actual reads period, by the number of days in the current billing period. Any over or under estimation of the bill will be adjusted in subsequent bills when the meter reading is taken.

Will I be eligible for USave after switching?

If you fulfil the criteria for USave, you will be able to use it to offset your electricity bill. However, this rebate will first be used to offset any outstanding charges under SP power.

What’s the difference between an AMI meter and a SRLP Meter?

An AMI meter allows for a more accurate reading as it reads electrical consumption every half hourly, whereas the SRLP meter are read by MSSL every 2 month.

For AMI meter users, there will be a monthly AMI meter reading charge to be borne by users as an additional charge on top of the Senoko charges.


Who is MSSL?

MSSL stands for Market Support Services Licensee and this role is currently fulfilled by SP Services. MSSL looks after the following: settlement of bills; meter reading; data management; and facilitating the transfer of customers from electrical retailers.

I suspect my meter is faulty. What should I do?

Contact our Customer Solution Specialist at 1800-688 8888 or for assistance. This process will take up to 3 weeks.

I am moving to a new premises. How do I transfer my service?

Contact our Customer Solution Specialist at 6750-0300 or and inform us of on your intention for relocation. We will assist you accordingly.

How do I renew my contract?

We will send you a notice with renewal instructions before your contract ends. If you wish to terminate the intent of renewal, please inform us at least ten (10) business days before the contractual end date.

How do I close my account?

Inform our Customer Solution Specialist at 6750-0300 or We will issue out the final billing and inform MSSL on your behalf.​

If my account is no longer with Senoko, how do I terminate my GIRO/credit card recurring payment?

You will have to inform your bank to cancel the recurring payment.

Can I switch back to SP after my contract with Senoko ends?

Yes, you can. Before your contract ends, we will send you a notice of renewal. If you wish to terminate your intent of renewal, please inform us at least ten (10) business days before the contractual end date. ​

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