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Households FAQs

Switching to Senoko Energy

1. Am I eligible to switch to Senoko Energy?

Yes, you are. All residential households are eligible to sign up with Senoko Energy from 1 May 2019. Sign up now!

2. How do I switch from SP Group to Senoko Energy?

Switching to Senoko Energy takes less than 5 minutes!

You can choose one of the following ways to sign up:
> Online sign up here
> Call us at 1800 688 8888 from Monday to Friday, 9am -6pm, excluding Public Holidays.
> Visit one of our roadshows. Check out our roadshow schedule here.

Simply get ready the following:
> Electricity bill from SP Group
> Scanned copy of registered SP Group account holder's NRIC (front and back)

3. Will there be a disruption to my electricity supply?

There will not be any disruption to your electricity supply when you switch to Senoko energy.

Your electricity supply will continue to be delivered via the national grid managed by SP Group.

The switch to Senoko Energy is just a billing relationship change.

Switching to Senoko Energy does not require any form of meter installation at your premises as well.

4. Do I have to change my meter?

It is not necessary to change your meter in order to enjoy Senoko Energy services for households.

However, the option to change to an Advanced Meter is available at a one-time installation cost of $42.80 (inclusive of GST) for customers who wish to track their energy usage every half hour via our mobile app.

Please note that there is also a 30 minutes service disruption upon successful installation of an Advanced Meter.

5. How long does it take to switch from SP Group to Senoko Energy?

It will take about 6 business days for the change to take effect upon receiving your application and supporting documents.

Do note that for request to change from Cumulative Meter (SRLP) to Advanced Meter, a total of 30 calendar days is required.

6. What will happen to my gas and water supply with the switch to Senoko Energy?

You will get a separate bill for your electricity consumption from Senoko Energy. .

Gas and water supply will continue to be billed by your existing service provider.

7. What are the meter types available and what's the difference?

There are two types of meters in the market: Cumulative Meter (SRLP) and Advanced Meter.

Advanced meter is a smart meter that reads electrical consumption remotely at half hour intervals while SRLP meters are read once every two months.

You can read more about the meter types and their functionality from Energy Market Authority here.

Electricity Charges, Fees and Deposits

1. Is a security deposit required to switch to Senoko Energy?

Security deposit is currently waived for all Senoko Energy home plans.

This means you can switch and sign up with us without any additional fees.

2. Will there be early termination charges?

In the event of an early termination before the contractual service period, an early termination fee will be charged as follows:


Account, and contract

1. How do I update my personal particulars?

You may update your personal particulars by logging into your Senoko Energy account here, or email us at enquiry@senokoenergy.com

2. Where can I view details about my account, payments, and billing details?

You can view these details by logging into your Senoko Energy account here .

3. I am moving to a new address. How do I transfer my service?

Simply contact our Customer Solution Specialists via email at enquiry@senokoenergy.com or call us at 1800 688 8888 and we will assist you accordingly.

4. How do I renew my contract?

We will send you a notice with renewal advice before your contract ends. If you wish to terminate your service, please inform us at least ten (10) business days before the contractual end date.

5. My contract is ending. Do I need to inform Senoko Energy if I don't want to renew?

Yes, please inform our Customer Solution Specialists at 1800 688 8888 or send an email us at enquiry@senokoenergy.com.

Bill, and payment options

1. What are the payment options availabe?

We have four payment options available:

1) Recurring Payment with Credit or Debit Card
Save time by setting up recurring payment using your credit or debit card.

2) GIRO Payment
Set up automatic payment using your bank account.

3) One-time Payment
Make one-time payment using your credit or debit card using your Senoko online account or mobile app.

4) AXS Machine
Pay your bill at an AXS machine near you or AXS m-station mobile app.

2. How do I read my bill?

Our bills are designed to be easy to read and to help you understand your electricity usage. Please look at our bill explainer below:  

1) Bill Summary
Important bill information and summary of your contract, account, and amount payable.

2) Summary of Charges
Breakdown of transaction, monthly charges, voucher redemption or credits if applicable, and outstanding charges.

3) Consumption Graph
Monthly breakdown of your electricity consumption for the past 6 months.

4) Details of current charges
More details on your electricity charges, non-electricity charges if applicable, and discount if available.

5) Payment Option
Payment options for you to make payment for the bill.

6) Contact Information
Contact details and information should you need help for any electricity related emergencies.

3. What is a paper bill fee and why is it being introduced?

To encourage customers to use e-billing and contribute to climate-friendly action, there will be a charge of $1.605 (inclusive of GST) per monthly paper bill. The paper bill fee comprises of the cost of printing and postage.

4. How can I avoid paper bill fee?

Opt for e-billing and your bill will be sent to your email monthly. Alternatively, you can access your bill via our online portal or mobile app.

5. Where will the paper bill fee appear on my bill?

The paper bill fee will appear under "Other Charges" on the second page of your monthly bill.

6. How do I switch from paper billing to e-billing, or vice versa?

Simply call our hotline at 1800 688 8888 (9am - 6pm, Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays) or email us at enquiry@senokoenergy.com. Our Customer Solution Specialists will assist to switch your account from paper bill to e-billing or vice versa. Changes will be effective on the next billing cycle.

7. How does e-billing benefit me?

Benefits of e-billing include:
> Easy access to your bills and account information anytime, anywhere online or via our mobile app.
> Receive prompt notification via SMS and email when your bill is ready.
> Avoid the risk of mail being lost in transit .
- Leave a "green" thumbprint on the environment.

8. How are my estimated charges computed?

The estimated usage will be calculated by multiplying the average daily usage between the last two actual reads period, by the number of days in the current billing period. Any over or underestimation of bill will be adjusted in subsequent bills when the meter reading is taken.

9. Can I use U-Save GST vouchers to offset my electricity bills from Senoko Energy?

U-Save GST vouchers have to be used to offset any charges from SP Services first.

This means your gas and water bills will be offset first, and any remaining credits can be used to offset the electricity bill from Senoko Energy.

10. How would I know if I've successfully offset my bill with U-Save?

If U-Save rebates are used to offset your electricity charges, this will be reflected under "Summary of Charges" on your bill.

11. When will I receive my first bill?

You will receive your first bill after 14 business days from your billing cycle end date. You may refer to your SP Group bill for details on your billing cycle.

Metering and power services

1. I suspect my meter is faulty. What should I do?

You can request for a meter test through SP Group at 1800 778 8888 or contact us at 1800 688 8888.

2. Who will read my meter after switching to Senoko Energy?

Your meter will still be read by The Market Support Services Licensee (part of SP Services) as it is the sole regulated entity for meter reading services.

3. Who do I contact in an event of power interruption or blackout?

In the unlikely event of electricity supply interruption, please contact SP Group 24-hour customer service hotline at 1800 778 8888.

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