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Senoko Energy's Home Solar Solutions For You

 Switch to Senoko Energy if you have solar panels or are considering installing them, and start saving money, energy and the planet.

With our Home Solar Solutions, we offer installation services and help you monetise your unutilised generated energy and green attributes. 

#TakeCharge of climate change and join us in making a positive impact. 

Have Solar Panels Already? 

Make the smarter move and switch to Senoko Energy! 
Simply sign up with us and enjoy exclusive bill rebate off your electricity bill.

Getting Solar Panels? 

Sign up for installation with Senoko Energy and connect with our trusted installation partner! 
Senoko Energy Solar Panel revenue

Learn more about the Circle of Green

Pay it forward and get paid first. Clean energy from your Solar Panels turn into Green Attributes that earn you money. 
Your Green Attributes are converted to Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).

You can sell your RECs to businesses, who purchase them to offset their carbon emissions by supporting solar projects. You earn extra income, while also helping the planet.

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