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Power your home with 100% solar energy

Enter your monthly energy usage
430 kWh is based on national average for HDB 5-room & Executive

Updated as of June 2023 from EMA Website
Your total savings based on 24-month
Compared with prevailing SP tariff of 32.47¢/kWh (incl. GST). Savings include up to $163 rebate.
• Rebate for new customers: From credit card/GIRO payment, and referral rebates (if any)

• Rebate for renewal customers: From credit card/GIRO payment
You’ll also help reduce 0kg of carbon emissions

Lighten your carbon footprint. Step by step. 

Step 1

Senoko acquires trusted Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) issued by APXfor carbon-neutral energy from solar farms in Southeast Asia

Step 2

Representing 100% certified renewable energy source, the RECs are bundled with your LifeGreen24 electricity plan

Step 3

Your household electricity consumption level is recorded every bi-monthly.

Step 4

A year later, RECs tied to your electricity plan are cancelled out based on your total household electricity consumption level

Step 5

Carbon emissions generated by your household electricity consumption are offset by clean-energy production from the solar farms you tapped

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