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The Circle that rewards you for making green energy

The Circle that rewards you for making green energy

It’s our way of thanking you for taking the step to fight climate change. As long as you’re generating solar energy from your landed home, you’re welcome to join our Circle of Green, an exclusive programme that lets you enjoy a dual stream of income from:

• Selling your Green Attributes to Senoko Energy
• Selling unutilised solar energy to Singapore Power

How to earn income all year round with us:

Sign up with Senoko Energy
Let us help convert your Green Attributes* into Renewable Energy Certificates (REC), which can be traded for money

At the same time, earn income by selling your unutilised solar generation to Singapore Power

*Green Attributes are the environmentally-friendly attributes associated with the solar energy you generate.

Estimate your annual revenue

Refer to the housing types below for an estimate now. 


10 panels, 5KWp system

Installation area: 30 sqm

Estimated Annual Energy Generation:

6,250 kWh
1 REC = 1,000 kWh

Potential Annual Revenue:
S$150 – S$200*


20 panels, 10KWp system
Installation area: 60 sqm

Estimated Annual Energy Generation:

12,500 kWh
1 REC = 1,000 kWh

Potential Annual Revenue: 

S$300 – S$400*


80 panels, 20 KWp system

Installation area: 120 sqm

Estimated Annual Energy Generation:

25,000 kWh
1 REC = 1,000 kWh

Potential Annual Revenue: 

> $700*

* S$30 per REC is a potential offering by Senoko, subject to market changes. Potential revenue is an estimation and before a minimal administrative fee.

Have questions about Circle of Green?

Here’s how to sign up for Circle of Green

Get ready these documents
1. Photo of your solar assets
2. Power Purchase Agreement describing assets and/or Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) ownership
3. Interconnection Agreement (system verification and tie in)
4. Commissioning certificate (to grid)
5. Single line diagram or description of installed meters
6. Document on legal rights to green benefits of generation data
7. APX Designation of Responsible Party Form
Select a bank account
When your REC earns you money, we will credit the amount to your selected bank account.
Fill in the sign-up form and upload your documents
Click the button below for the sign-up form now.
All set to join the Circle of Green?

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