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U-Save Rebate - Just Another Way for You to Save on Utility!

In 2020, energy experts put out a warning of sorts, informing Singaporeans that their energy bills will increase as staying indoors becomes the norm amidst the circuit breaker measures. This followed after research by the Energy Market Authority (EMA) showed that average daily household electricity consumption increased by a whopping average of 22% in May 2020 compared to February 2020.

With more people relying on energy-consuming electronics and electric appliances like air-conditioners, computers and television, even the most frugal households were receiving bill shocks. Additionally, this doesn’t seem to be changing soon - especially with the rising electricity tariff rates.

Understanding the possible difficulties families experience during this period of uncertainty, the Singapore government has taken measures to help weather the storm.

One of these is the GST Voucher scheme – specifically, 1 of the 3 components known as the U-Save rebate. Though introduced in 2012, the U-Save rebate continues to help households with their utility expenses.

As close to 1 million HDB households should receive the quarterly rebate in due time, we look into its specifics and other ways to save on your electricity bill when you switch to Senoko Energy.

Understanding What U-Save Rebates is

The U-save rebate is designed to help households with their utility bills. Ranging from S$330 to S$570, households will see more rebates due to the additional one-off U-Save Special Payments paid between January 2023 and January 2026. Directly credited into your HDB flat’s utility account and rolled over to the following months, there is no need for sign-ups or special requests to be made to prevent lapses.

1. Eligibility Criteria

So, what are the eligibility criteria for the GST Voucher – U-Save? For one, family members in the same household should not have other properties under their name. Beyond this, there are a few other conditions to meet:

  • If the HDB property is registered under your name, there must minimally be 1 Singapore citizen occupying it.
  • If your HDB property is partially sublet, at least 1 Singapore citizen must occupy or own it.
  • If the HDB property is fully sublet to you, there must minimally be 1 Singapore citizen residing in the flat.
  • The owner of the HDB flat must open a utility account opened under the respective electricity provider in Singapore by the 15th of the month before the rebate is credited (For example, a utility account should be opened with Senoko Energy by 15 June to be eligible for the rebate given out in July)

For more information on the eligibility criteria, you can visit the official GST Voucher – U-Save website.

Senoko Energy is applicable with U-Save Rebate!

You can offset electricity bills with your remainder U-Save GST Vouchers (Credits will be first used to offset your gas and water bills with SP Services)

2. Can the Rebate Offset Electricity Bills from Senoko Energy?

Regardless of the electricity provider you switch to in Singapore, you can apply for the U-save rebate if you meet the above-mentioned criteria. However, the voucher will first offset gas and water bills from SP Services before any balance credits are brought forward to offset your electricity bill from Senoko Energy.

For more information on how this will be reflected on your Senoko Energy bill, visit our support page to better understand your bill.

3. When Will the Electricity Rebate be Given Out?

The electricity rebate is split over a year and given quarterly – January, April, July, and October. The January payout is given in 2023.

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