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#TakeCharge & Take The Sustainability Leap With Us

#TakeCharge & Take The Sustainability Leap With Us

Senoko Energy is stepping up to the call for sustainable development, and we have embraced the ESG (Environment, Social & Governance) framework aimed to protect our environment, create positive social impact for our employees and community we serve and adhere to robust governance standards across our operations.

We seek to accelerate industry and market growth through collaborations, innovations and solutions with partners and our stakeholders to trigger systemic shifts to a more sustainable economy. 

Key Initiatives for Sustainable Development

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Partnership with City Energy

Senoko has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with City Energy to jointly study technical and commercial feasibility of importing and supplying hydrogen between City Energy and Senoko facilities in northern Singapore.

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  • In 2020, Senoko launched a pilot project, SolarShare, introducing peer to peer (P2P) renewable energy trading
  • The objective of SolarShare was to display Senoko's commitment to meet Singapore's renewable energy demands and provide Singaporeans with greater choices in their electricity consumption

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Gas Turbine Upgrade

  • Senoko successfully upgraded two of its CCGTs, resulting in improved thermal efficiency of the GTs and annual reduction of 15,000 tCO2e as a result of the improved efficiency
  • Senoko was awarded the NEA's Efficiency National Partnership Award for this initiative in 2021

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Data Protection Trustmark Certification 

Senoko Energy was successfully certified with Data Protection Trustmark in June 2023.