Green Energy, Powered By Your Community

Green Energy, Powered By Your Community

Introducing SolarShare: Asia's first peer-to-peer (P2P) green energy trading platform where you can choose who to buy your renewable energy from, at your preferred price.

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Putting Power In Your Hands

There's a new way to power up your homes and businesses. Buy or sell locally produced solar energy on SolarShare our peer-to-peer solar energy trading platform – for smarter sustainable savings in the long run.

As a Consumer (buyer) or Prosumer (seller), you are able to determine your own buying and selling prices through this marketplace.

Be the first in Singapore to take part in this pilot programme.

What is a Prosumer and Consumer?

Prosumers are households and businesses who have solar panels, and are already generating solar energy.

Consumers are households or businesses who would like to support local green efforts and purchase solar energy from Prosumers.

Get a head start on your savings and join us for our 6-month pilot trail in Q3 2020. We will be assessing the level of interest for SolarShare's P2P solar energy trading platform, and better understand your energy production and consumption patterns.

After this pilot, SolarShare will be evaluated for wider adoption.

How It Works

Prosumers can log onto SolarShare to offer your solar energy for sale. Consumers can view and compare the rates of the available solar energy plans from Prosumers and select your preferred solar energy provider.

Your daily habits and routines will be unaffected, and there is no disruption to your electricity supply.

During the night or on cloudy days when solar energy is limited, your energy needs will be fulfilled by Senoko Energy. In addition, if your selected Prosumer cannot generate sufficient green energy, solar energy from other back-up Prosumers will be supplied to support your energy needs, while still maintaining the same electricity rate.

Dashboard Consumption Preview

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Join us as a Prosumer or Consumer now!

Register your interest in Q3 2020 and be a part of the pioneering community in this innovative trial!

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SolarShare is a proud collaboration between:

Senoko Energy

"The concept of P2P energy trading is highly innovative and smart, and its adoption around the globe is still in its early stages. We believe this will be the future of our energy industry, driven by a community of like-minded individuals and companies."

- James Chong, Head of Commercial, Senoko Energy


"With this technology, Singaporeans will get access to a reliable, secure and transparent platform to buy and sell renewable energy. I expect this demonstration to pave the way for other power grids to develop more inclusive business models to benefit the world."

- Martin Lim, Chief Executive Officer, ELECTRIFY

ENGIE Factory

"ENGIE Factory is committed to accelerating the transition to zero-carbon. Through this pilot P2P project, we hope to encourage more Singaporeans to adopt renewables and help lower the nation’s carbon footprint."

- Quentin Vaquette, Managing Director, ENGIE Factory

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SolarShare?
SolarShare is Asia's first peer-to-peer (P2P) green energy trading platform where you can choose who to buy your renewable energy from, at your preferred price. This solar energy marketplace is built to enable the matching of real-time energy generation and usage tracked using smart meters. The SolarShare service is undergoing a pilot to assess commercial viability in Singapore. To participate in the trial, participants are required to sign up for a Senoko Energy plan as well, to provide energy needs during non-sun hours or when the supply of solar energy is limited.
Who can participate in this pilot?

We are looking for both Prosumers and Consumers who are passionate about environment sustainability issues and would like to contribute to this milestone in Singapore’s energy market.

  • Prosumers are households or businesses who own solar photovoltaic (PV) systems and are generating excess solar energy that are currently sold to the national grid.
  • Consumers are households or businesses who would like to support local green efforts by purchasing directly from local producers.
What are the benefits of joining SolarShare?
Prosumers can now determine their own green energy rate by assessing potential market demand. This rate may potentially be higher than the rate that Singapore Power is offerring, hence making a higher profit from their solar panel investments. In addition, trial participants have the ability to play an active role to contribute ideas and feedback with a like minded community to build Asia’s first peer-to-peer energy platform.
Is there any eligibility criteria for SolarShare and how do I sign up?


You are eligible to join as a Consumer if,

(a) your electricity account is currently with SP Group or,
(b) you have an electricity contract with an existing retailer that is due to expire before 1st August 2020.
(c) For existing Senoko customers who are have an active service contract with us, your request will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

To sign up, simply visit and follow the steps listed.


You are eligible to join as a Prosumer if,

(a) you have a solar PV system installed in your premise and have excess solar energy to sell to the national grid and,
(b) you are currently not with any contracted retailer.

To register your interest, visit, follow the steps outlined, and upload a copy of your latest electricity bill.
What is the duration of the SolarShare pilot?
SolarShare is a pilot trial with a contract duration of 6 months. At the end of the trial, participants can choose to continue with Senoko Energy or switch to Singapore Power or any Retailer of their choice. Final result of the trial will only be announced at a later stage.
How is the electricity plan and pricing structured on SolarShare?

There are 2 plans tied to the SolarShare service – a Senoko Energy fixed rate plan for non-sun hours and a green energy plan that is determined via the solar energy marketplace.

After signing up for the Senoko Energy fixed rate plan;

  • Prosumers can login to the SolarShare dashboard and set an asking price for the renewable energy that they generate.
  • Consumers will login to the SolarShare dashboard, filter through a list of prosumers, and select one with an asking price that they agree with.
How many participants will there be for SolarShare?
This pilot trial will open to a community of 100 consumers. If you are an existing Senoko Energy customers, you may write in to us at to request for a change in plan type.
Do I need to change my meter to an advanced meter (AMI)? How much will it cost?

For household participants, a complimentary AMI meter will be provided for this trial. In order to track your energy usage, Electrify will contact you and install an Ampotech meter at your premise. All fees involving installation, removal, or collection of the equipment at your premise will be borne by us.

For Commercial participants, we will need to assess your property type and scale to provide a quotation accordingly.

Why do I need a different meter?
The Ampotech smart meter allows for real-time data tracking of your electricity consumption in 30-minute intervals. This is required to study usage patterns and determine energy demand and supply to assess the feasibility of this service.
How do I access my data and what can I see?
Your energy consumption can be viewed on a dashboard provided. Within your dashboard, you can view an overview of your transactions, past transactions, energy consumption breakdown in real-time and your billing history. You will also be able to see the breakdown of your renewable energy matches between consumers & prosumers.
What is the difference between green energy and the energy we are using now?

Green energy is power that comes from renewable sources such as solar, wind, and water and does not negatively impact the environment. These sources can be naturally replenished over short periods of time and do not diminish. In Singapore, the most promising option for green energy is solar due to our island’s location near the equator.

Approximately 95% of Singapore’s electricity is currently generated using natural gas. Although liquefied natural gas (LNG) is one of the cleanest forms of fossil fuel, more can be done to ramp up Singapore’s renewable energy production and lower our nation’s carbon footprint.

[Consumer] What happens if my selected prosumer temporarily stops supplying green energy?
At times, your prosumer may not be able to generate enough green energy for your needs (due to high rainfall, cloudy days, etc.) In this event, we will assign another prosumer who can supply excess green energy to you at the rate you’ve determined at the start of your contract. For energy demands that cannot be fulfilled from the available supply of green energy, Senoko Energy will provide the remaining energy to all participants.
[Consumer] Will I get to choose my own prosumer?
Yes, you will be able to select your preferred prosumer at the end of the sign-up process.
[Consumer] Will I be able to withdraw from SolarShare before the end of my contract?

Yes, however an early termination fee may apply in accordance with Senoko Energy’s terms and conditions.

[Prosumer] I have solar panels, but I’m not sure if I have excess solar energy to sell. Can I participate?

Send us your electricity bill for a quick review and we will be able to advise accordingly.

[Prosumer] Once I participate in this programme, does it mean that I cannot continue to sell my excess solar energy to Singapore Power?
You will continue to be paid by Singapore Power for your energy exports. However, with SolarShare, you can now determine your own green energy rate which may potentially be higher than what Singapore Power is offering.
[Prosumer] Is there a minimum amount of green energy I will need to generate?
No minimum amount of green energy is required however, we will only open this pilot trial to prosumers with surplus energy.
[Prosumer] How do I check the transaction and breakdown of my green energy?
Simply login at, click on the ‘Bills’ tab to view your energy generation breakdown and transaction history.
[Prosumer] How do I join SolarShare if I’m currently contracted with another retailer?
This pilot is currently open to prosumers signed with SP Group or Senoko Energy. Should you have a contract expiring by 1st August 2020, you may register your interest at
Where can I get support if I have more questions?
Our customer service team can be reached at 1800 688 8888 on Mondays – Fridays, 9am – 6pm. Alternatively, you can fill up our online form and we will get back to you within three working days. We also recommend that you join our Solarshare Facebook page for quicker response from the community.