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Join Senoko / ... / Career Opportunities Principal / Senior Analyst (Plant Data Systems) - 2 Year Contract
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You will be the person in-charge of a suite of real-time plant data management systems and their associated business processes. These systems integrate with a wide range of data sources, including meters, sensors, devices, control systems, and enterprise systems. In this techno-functional role, you will serve:

(1) as an applications and data systems subject matter expert performing applications, data and interfacing design, implementation, support, operations and maintenance. You will translate the business requirements on system data or processes to functional or/and technical specifications, oversee and manage third party technology partners to implement solutions. In the process, you will help perform system testing, training, deployments and documentation of systems. You will also perform day-to-day systems administration, monitoring and maintenance for these systems to ensure availability of use of these systems.

(2) as a business process analyst and project lead running full project cycles under your charge. You will work with business counterparts to identify areas where business processes, data or interfaces can be improved in IT systems to ensure that data is accurately and efficiently transferred between systems.

You will manage and deliver these systems functionalities with the help of third-party technology partners if required.

Your Role:

  1. Business process and data analysis and design (IT business analysis and value)
    1. Analyze and understand business needs and propose business capabilities to build upon.
    2. Design, recommend and roll out business process improvements enabled by technology.
    3. Work with business to develop actionable insights using business data for decision making and controls.


  2. Application and data platforms design and implementation
    1. Requirements and Specifications
      1. Discover, elicit and analyze business requirements on plant data systems, data platforms (including data integration and interfaces using data Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) workflows and pipelines, Application Programming Interfaces or web services) and data visualization platforms.
      2. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure data interfaces meet business needs.
      3. Write functional and software requirements specifications.
    2. Design
      1. Design and document application and data architectures.
      2. Design application enhancements (or applications functionality).
    3. Build and Quality
      1. Build or work with vendors to build scripts and code fragments to implement interfaces and ETL workflows.
      2. Manage the delivery of software engineering artefacts from vendors.
    4. Test and Rollout
      1. Test and rollout enhancements on systems.
      2. Conduct tests (SIT, UAT and other tests) to ensure that the data interfaces and data in data storage (Database, data lake or data warehouse) are accurate and complete.
    5. Train and Enable
      1. Train users and develop documentation on the use of systems.
      2. Write user manuals, and to conduct user training.
    6. Transition to Operations
      1. Write technical documentation and procedure manuals.


  3. Application and Data Management
    1. Lifecycle management
      1. Involve in planning, design and implementation of overhauls, refactoring, and upgrades to ensure system technical stack operates only using manufacturer supported components (no EOL components in production).
    2. Fitness-for-purpose
      1. TO-BE applications master plan: to produce and update a 3-year application masterplan to provide a business fit-for-purpose applications ecosystem for the business.
      2. Involve in planning, design and implementation for capacity growth.
    3. Fitness-for-operations
      1. Operations processes and procedures: To design and put in place operations procedures for applications systems and data integration.
      2. Uptime and availability: To design applications and data integration, in conjunction with infrastructure, to achieve 99.8% uptime availability.
      3. Cybersecurity: To design applications and data integration, that in conjunction with infrastructure designs, comply with cybersecurity architecture and information security policies and directives.
      4. Disaster Recovery: To design applications and data integration, that in conjunction with infrastructure architecture, comply with disaster recovery architecture and strategy, to allow RPO and RTOs to be achieved.
    4. Application and Data Integration Architecture
      1. Application architecture and configuration: To maintain up to date (1) logical architecture, (2) software and component inventory, (3) configuration register, and (4) definitive media library for all applications under management.
      2. Data integration: To maintain data maps, data schemas or dictionaries, data flow diagrams, and data quality rules for systems’ data and any additional data models built on data platforms.


  4. Application and Data Integration Maintenance (Day to Day Operations)
    1. Maintenance plans and procedures: to design and execute maintenance plans and procedures to keep systems fit-for-operations.
    2. Software maintenance
      1. Software defect resolution: to rectify all defects in applications and underlying software platforms or implement workarounds if manufacturers do not provide defect rectification patches.
      2. Software overhaul and refactoring: (1) to plan and execute application maintenance and overhaul for all systems under management to ensure that no end-of-life components are in use in production, and (2) to achieve 99.8 % uptime availability (excluding planned downtime).
    3. System patching and upgrades:
      1. Plan and execute component and system upgrades.
      2. Plan and execute systems patching on both an emergency ad-hoc basis, and for routine systems patching cycles.
    4. Data maintenance:
      1. Plan and execute data profiling and data quality analysis.
      2. Plan and execute master data maintenance jointly with business users.
      3. Plan and execute operational data maintenance jointly with business users, to upkeep data integrity and application fitness-for-purpose.
    5. Systems cybersecurity posture and DR capability maintenance:
      1. Execute configuration, patching, hardening and other maintenance activity in conformance with cybersecurity TAC prescriptions.
      2. DR capability maintenance: To maintain DR records and keep them up to date monthly, and to execute the annual DR exercise to demonstrate that DR capability is operational.


  5. Application and Data Integration Operations
    1. Systems and integration monitoring and tuning:
      1. Monitor application and data integration operations.
      2. Tune applications and integration performance in response to monitoring, and in line with performance guidelines.
    2. Systems and integration operations and administration:
      1. Manage daily systems and integration administration, including writing scripts and code elements.
      2. Plan and execute systems disaster recovery operations.
      3. Batch and daemon operations: To plan, execute and document batch operations and daemon/service upkeep operations.
    3. Data patching and cleansing:
      1. Carry out and document data cleansing operations periodically with business users, to upkeep data quality and fitness for purpose.
      2. Carry out data-patching operations regularly, in response to business user requests.


  6. Project Management
    1. Plant Information Systems Refactoring Project Implementation
      1. Perform due diligence in assessing suitable vendors to deliver the planned refactoring project.
      2. Manage the expectation and performance of the awarded vendors delivering the projects till completion.
      3. Develop vendor contacts and relationships for the next phase of the projects if any.
      4. Develop and maintain projects plan.
      5. Maintain the project schedule and give periodic reports on the progress.
      6. Manage any identified risks and issues and ensure quality of delivery.
      7. Manage the budget and required resources for successful project delivery.
      8. Ensure all identified project deliverables are delivered.
      9. Report any breach or vendor non-performance against the awarded contract terms.
      10. Perform closing of project and post project review.

Your Profile:

  • Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems or equivalent
  • At least 5 years IT working experience supporting an application which involves real-time data sources.
  • The offered job grade/designation will be based on candidate’s experience, competencies, and skillsets.

    Skills and competencies
  • Technical:
    • Strong technical background with experience in application architecture which has a high degree of data integration, interfaces, and database management.
    • Experience in Extract, Transform and Load processes.
    • Experience in application operations of plant historian solution.
    • Experience in project management.
    • Experience in data analytics is preferred.
  • Functional and business analysis:
    • Experience in IT systems analysis.
  • IT lifecycle:
    • Experience in one full project and/or Software Development Lifecycle.
  • Certification:
    • ITIL and PMP or Prince 2 certification is a plus, but not mandatory.
  • Business environment:
    • Experience working in an utility or oil and gas company is a plus.


  • Intellectual curiosity and analytical. This role requires the candidate to explore, learn and master the business domain. The candidate must be motivated and with intellectual curiosity to discover and map out the way our business operates.


  • Detail oriented. This is a techno-functional role, and candidates must be able to work with both business and system details. The candidate must have a keen attention to detail, in order to correctly manage the requirements and technological operations of the system.


  • Sense of ownership. This is a subject matter expert and systems ownership role. The candidate must be highly self-motivated and take responsibility for the systems under his/her charge.


    Other Attributes

  • Strong written and oral communication skills.
  • Strong listening and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Highly self-motivated and directed.
  • Keen attention to detail.
  • Able to prioritize and execute in high-pressure situations.

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Principal / Senior Analyst (Plant Data Systems) - 2 Year Contract

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