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The National Environment Agency reported that Singaporeans are consuming 17% more electricity, according to a 2017 study released last year. Forming a bulk of the electricity consumption was the use of air-conditioners, water heaters and refrigerators.

Nonetheless, residents have also jumped on the bandwagon to change how they purchase devices and consume energy in a bid to save electricity. More households in Singapore are opting for energy-efficient appliances and setting higher temperatures on their air-conditioners.

How can we further adjust our lifestyles to save electricity in Singapore?

With the Open Electricity Market now in place, it comes to no surprise that Singaporeans may become more lenient on their electricity consumption. After all, you can pay less and still enjoy the air-conditioner for two more hours.

This is a misconception.

Though the Open Electricity Market allows consumers to pay a lower rate than the current regulated tariff, we should still strive to reduce our electricity usage for two reasons:

  1. Conserve the environment: reduce the amount of pollution generated when using electricity in line with our efforts to reduce emissions
  2. Benefit more from value-for-money pricing plans: save on top of your guaranteed savings

Achieving good for the environment is a long-term project that requires baby steps not only on the part of providers but also the consumers. Apart from switching lights to LED and maintaining appliances regularly, here are three quick household fixes on how to save electricity in Singapore every day!

1. Switch off standby energy

Before heading to bed, switch off the electricity supply to devices such as the television, computers and Wi-Fi routers as they draw standby energy even when not in use. For easier practice, connect them to a power strip which helps to turn off all the connected outlets with a single switch.

2. Ensure the refrigerator remains cool

The refrigerator uses electricity to keep it cool. Constant opening of the fridge door requires the system to draw more energy to bring the temperature back to its desired level. Households can also ensure their fridges are fully packed to regulate its temperature. Use empty closed containers or water jugs if there are insufficient items in the fridge.

3. Reduce temperature of the water heater

While switching off the water heater after use may help in conserving energy, reducing the temperature while showering can save even more. A high temperature requires the heater to use more electricity to warm up the shower – a lower temperature will do just the opposite.

Let us know how you try to save electricity with simple fixes that even a child could follow – let us work together and create a greener environment in Singapore!