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TakeCharge / Work Safety Health Policy
At Senoko Energy we aspire to excellence in Workplace Safety and Health performance and view this as fundamental to our business. We have the goal to improve our Workplace Safety and Health performance with holistic and structured approach to create a culture of continuous improvements within the company. We are committed to:

  • Pursue the goal of Zero Accidents.
  • Taking care the well-being and providing a safe and healthy work environment that free of
    occupational injuries, illness by minimizing all potential major and minor accident hazards to
    reasonably acceptable levels at site.
  • Creating a culture through leadership, training and development that emphasizes Safety and Health
    as the priority.
  • Creating a business environment that minimizes disruptions and losses, safeguarding integrity and
    manage WSH as any other critical business activity.
  • Seeking input and working constructively with our employees, contractors, neighbours and
    regulators to continually improve our Safety and Health performance.
  • Establish targets for continuous improvement and measures, appraises and reports performance.
  • Promote a culture in which all Senoko employees share this commitment.

We believe we are all responsible for Senoko Energy’ s Safety and Health performance and we will:
  • Implement safe practices and procedures to ensure workplace safety and health and for the protection of all personnel at our workplace.
  • Ensure all personnel working in our power station has the necessary skill and competency to achieve workplace safety and health and instill in each of them a positive attitude towards workplace safety and health.
  • Seek to identify, eliminate and control hazards and implement safe systems of work to protect personnel from inherent dangers.
  • Uphold and follow our Life Saving Rules and OHS Procedures.

It is the duty of all personnel at Senoko Energy to adopt best practices and procedures, and to comply with the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Act and any other applicable legislation or regulation as well as Senoko Energy’s WSH Rules and Procedures.

Every employee is empowered to Stop any unsafe act or condition and make necessary suggestions to eliminate the hazard or reduce the risks to As Low As Reasonable Practicable.

The Company is committed to establish and maintain an effective Safety and Health Management System to achieve these objectives. We believe all incidents are preventable in our daily work and operations.