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TakeCharge / Supplier Code of Conduct

In this Supplier Code of Conduct, Senoko shall refer to Senoko Energy Pte Ltd and its related and affiliated companies.

A supplier refers to any individual or business that supplies goods or services to any part of Senoko’s business, and includes all persons employed by the supplier, as well as sub- contractors and service providers engaged by the supplier.

It is the responsibility of the supplier to ensure its employees, representatives and sub- contractors understand and comply with this Code. Senoko shall have the right to terminate the supplier relationship if the supplier (including its employees, representatives and sub- contractors) is not complying with any provisions of this Supplier Code of Conduct.

1. Compliance with laws and regulations

Suppliers undertake that they will at all times fully comply with all applicable laws and regulations in their operations and the provision of their goods and services, including but not limited to regulations and directions issued by the Energy Market Authority of Singapore.

2. Business integrity

Suppliers are expected to ensure that all their business dealings are conducted with integrity, honesty and transparency and not to practice or tolerate any form of corruption.

Senoko does not tolerate any form of and no supplier shall engage in any form of corruption or bribery, including any gratification, gifts, payment or other form of benefits conferred on any government official or any other third party for the purpose of improperly influencing decision making.

Suppliers shall never directly or indirectly, give, promise or offer any gratification, gifts, payment or other forms of benefits as an inducement or reward to any of Senoko’s directors, officers, employees or representatives (or their respective family members) to secure contracts or business transactions or any unfair business advantage.

Suppliers shall never receive any gratification, gifts, payment or other forms of benefits offered by Senoko’s directors, officers, employees or representatives (or their respective family members) that could result in a potential conflict of interest.

3. Conflict of interest

Any actual or potential conflict of interest between a supplier and the employee of the Senoko must be disclosed as and when such conflict arises or is anticipated to arise. For example, if a supplier’s employee is a family relation (e.g. spouse, children, parent, sibling) to an employee of Senoko, or if a supplier has any other relationship with an employee of Senoko that might represent a conflict of interest, the Supplier must make full disclosure to Senoko.

4. Fair and compliant employment practices

Suppliers shall adopt fair and compliant employment practices, and shall respect the personal dignity, privacy and rights of each individual. The suppliers’ selection of sub- contractors and treatment of their own employees shall comply with the principle of non- discrimination. Suppliers shall ensure that all workers assigned to work on Senoko’s projects are adequately trained and qualified, and meet all regulatory requirements including work permit requirements.

5. Non-solicitation

 The supplier hereby undertakes not to, either alone or in association with others, directly or indirectly (i) solicit or facilitate the solicitation of any employees of Senoko to leave the employment of Senoko; or (ii) solicit for employment, hire or engagement as an independent contractor any person who was employed with Senoko (provided, that this clause (ii) shall not apply to any individual whose employment with Senoko has been terminated for a period of 6 months or longer).

6. Protection of intellectual property and personal data

The supplier shall not engage in any activities which infringe or disclose (or potentially infringe or disclose) the intellectual property rights or confidential proprietary data of Senoko or any third party. The use of any intellectual property or confidential proprietary data belonging to Senoko is strictly prohibited unless written consent / authorization has been obtained from the authorized representative of Senoko.
The supplier shall take all efforts to ensure that all personal data in its possession, including personal data obtained in the process of performing its contract with Senoko, is used, stored and protected in compliance with all applicable privacy laws, including the Personal Data Protection Act in Singapore.

7. Maintenance of proper documents and records

The supplier will keep proper documents and records for monitoring and reporting of its business operations and activities in accordance with best industry practice.

8. Whistleblowing

The supplier can report any unethical, illegal or non-compliant activity or practice to the Senoko whistleblowing email:

9. Sanctions Due Diligence

The supplier shall comply to the international sanctions regime in accordance to the terms stated in our Sanctions Due Diligence Declaration Form.