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Green Energy, Powered By Your Community

Green Energy, Powered By Your Community

Introducing SolarShare: Singapore's first peer-to-peer (P2P) green energy trading platform where you can choose who to buy your renewable energy from, at your preferred price.

The pilot is currently over, but we'll announce our future plans soon. 

SolarShare Community

Putting Power In Your Hands

There's a new way to power your homes and businesses. Buy or sell locally produced solar energy on SolarShare our peer-to-peer solar energy trading platform – for smarter sustainable savings in the long run.

Whether you're a Consumer or Prosumer, you'll be able to determine your own buying and selling prices through this marketplace.

Hear from one of our SolarShare pilot consumers

Peter Huang, a fellow Singaporean who decided live by example by mounting solar panels at home and even on his car!

From learning about solar energy as a kid, to wanting to build a brighter future for his son – he hopes to inspire more families to embrace sustainable living by joining SolarShare and choosing solar energy.

What is Peer-to-Peer (P2P) energy trading?

P2P energy trading allows electricity producers with rooftop solar PV systems, to directly sell the excess electricity they produce to other local consumers across the electricity network.

How It Works

How SolarShare Works, Step 1

Step 1

Prosumers are households and businesses who have solar panels, and are already generating excess solar energy. 

Consumers are households or businesses who would like to support local green efforts and purchase solar energy from Prosumers. 

How Solarshare works, Step 2

Step 2

Apart from selling excess green energy to SP Group according to USEP, Prosumers now have the option to set their green energy price to like-minded communities who are environmentally conscious.

USEP refers to Uniform Singapore Energy Price that does not offer differentiated pricing for renewable energy. The USEP rate varies daily on a half-hourly basis and historical trending can be found here.

How SolarShare Works, Step 3

Step 3

SolarShare enables matching of near real-time energy generation and energy usage, tracked using smart meters. This allows Prosumers visibility of renewable energy demand and supply in order to determine their price. Consumers will also be able to compare prices more efficiently to determine their preferred renewable energy source.

How SolarShare Works, Step 4

Step 4

During non-sun hours or when supply of solar energy is limited, both Prosumer & Consumer energy needs are supplied by Senoko Energy.

Both Prosumers and Consumers are required to sign up for Senoko Energy’s LifeConnect6 price plan during this 6-month trial, as a base plan for non-sun hours.

News updates about the transition to greener energy