Giving Back To Power Our Community

Giving Back To Power Our Community

Together with local artistes, you can donate to help support Community Chest's newly established The Invictus Fund so that they can continue to deliver critical services to vulnerable communities affected by COVID-19.

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In times of crisis, music uplifts us.

To drive donations for Community Chest’s The Invictus Fund, Senoko Energy is partnering with creative agency GERMS to present "Power Gig”, a weekend-long online fundraising music festival starting 1st May. The festival will kick off with a two-hour live stream performance on official radio station Mediacorp YES 933's Facebook page and radio broadcast, and will feature 9 Singaporean artistes including Benjamin Kheng, Guo Mei Mei, Derrick Hoh, and Sara Wee.

Over the weekend, there will also be several local artistes such as Miss Lou, Abby Simone, Joie Tan, and Dru Chen who will perform live on their Instagram accounts.

This festival will help drive donations to The Invictus Fund, which will help enable over 80 social service agencies supported by Community Chest to continue providing critical social services amidst COVID-19. Many charities are working doubly hard to ensure the vulnerable are not forgotten during this period, but they face multiple challenges, including:

  • Sudden and severe loss in manpower as volunteering activities are cut;
  • Loss of fundraising proceeds as events are cancelled;
  • Critical need of technological assistance to enable business continuity.

    Senoko Energy will match donations dollar-for-dollar up to S$30,000. 100% of your donations goes to over 80 charities providing critical services to various vulnerable groups, including children with special needs and youth-at-risk, adults with disabilities, families in need, vulnerable seniors and persons with mental health conditions.

    Join us today and support The Invictus Fund, to enable social service agencies to continue providing critical services to those who need it, especially now.

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    All donations are eligible for 250% tax deduction. Final donation results will be published on 2nd June 2020 on Senoko Energy's Facebook page.


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    Friday, 1st May

    Happening 4pm to 6pm. Live stream on YES 933 Facebook page, and on radio broadcast.

    Visit YES 933's Facebook

    Kick-off Performance

    Catch the live performances on YES 933's Facebook page or tune in to their radio station on Friday, 1 May (4pm - 6pm).

    Jocie (郭美美)

    Singer of best-selling singles 《老鼠爱大米》&《不怕不怕》

    Derrick Hoh (‎何维健)

    Singer-songwriter and music producer

    Kenny Khoo (邱锋泽)

    Mandopop singer-songwriter, actor, film producer and director

    Benjamin Kheng

    Musician, actor, host and one of the founding members of popular local pop-quartet, The Sam Willows

    Gao MeiGui

    Radio DJ for Mediacorp YES 933

    Inch Chua


    Boon Hui Lu (文慧如)


    Sara Wee

    Vocalist, guitarist and singer of local band, 53A

    Serene Koong (龚芝怡)

    Singer-songwriter and producer

    {810047D2-AE71-4BA2-82FA-E038EB49247F} {810047D2-AE71-4BA2-82FA-E038EB49247F}

    Friday, 1st May - Sunday, 3rd May

    Happening on various artistes' own Instagram accounts. 

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    Power Live Segment

    The festival continues throughout the weekend with live performances by various local artistes on their own Instagram account handles.

    Happening from Friday, 1 May (6pm onwards) till Sunday, 3 May.


    Abby Simone

    Avid lover of both food and music living her truth on a musical journey

    Ken Loh

    Sydney-based Singaporean singer-songwriter with deep roots in indie-folk music

    Jack and Rai

    Acoustic/rock duo who performs regular night gigs at bars, the local airwaves, and regional TV channels

    Miss Lou

    A classic vintage vocalist and songwriter who blends old-school vocal stylings with modern sensibilities

    Dru Chen

    Indie/folk pop musician with roots in funk and soul who released his deubt album in 2019

    Elsa Mickayla

    A multi-faceted artist who produces her own music and a winner of the Noise Mentorship Programme

    Sarah Cheng-De Winne

    Bilingual singer-songwriter and former radio DJ with a delightfully soulful voice

    Joie Tan

    Iconic signature vocal style and honeyed coo endorsed by chart-topping producers Avicii and Kygo

    Haneri Milliona

    A charted muscian who worked with global artists Charlie Puth and Josh Groban, and recently started DJing

    Gareth Fernandez

    Top local artist known for his string of hits on Spotify and local radio stations

     Performer Instagram Handle Live Time 
    Abby Simone @abszimone Friday, 1st May at 6pm
    Ken Loh @kenlohty Friday, 1st May at 7pm 
    Jack and Rai @jackandrai Friday, 1st May at 9pm 
    Miss Lou @hellomisslou Saturday, 2nd May at 1pm
    Dru Chen @druchenmusic Saturday, 2nd May at 6pm
    Elsa Mickayla @elsamickayla Saturday, 2nd May at 8pm
    Sarah Cheng-De Winne @sarahcdw Saturday, 2nd May at 9.30pm
    Joie Tan @joietan Saturday, 2nd May at 10pm 
    Haneri Milliona @itshaneri Sunday, 3rd May at 12pm 
    Gareth Fernandez @garethfernandez Sunday, 3rd May at 8pm
    Invictus Fund

    What is Community Chest's The Invictus Fund?

    The Invictus Fund is a newly established fund set up by the National Council of Social Service. It supports about 80 local social service agencies by Community Chest that deliver critical services to vulnerable groups, including children with special needs and youth-at-risk, adults with disabilities, families in need, vulnerable seniors and persons with mental health conditions.

    Due the sudden and severe loss in manpower as volunteering activities and events are cut during the COVID-19 period, there is a loss of fundraising proceeds. As such, there is an urgent need to garner donations and support for these non-profit organisations to ensure that they can continue operations during this period.

    Beneficiaries include Wendy Seet and Daryl Tan. Read their stories below.

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    Final donation results will be published on 2 June 2020 on Senoko Energy's Facebook page.

    Social Service User: Wendy Seet

    Wendy Seet contracted polio at the tender age of 3. Since then, the mobility of her right hand and leg had been affected and till today she uses a motorised wheelchair to move within the community. Without close relatives or family, Wendy had to support herself and face her challenges alone.

    Things became worse when Wendy was retrenched in 1995 due to the economic downturn. She felt helpless without the means to support herself and she was all by herself. Until she found Bizlink Centre’s Vocational Assessment Division, a sheltered workshop that helps to provide on-the-job training and employment opportunities for people with disabilities. With the right support and training, Wendy is now able to support herself, even acquired skills in Information Technology and most importantly, able to gain independence.

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    Social Service User: Daryl Tan

    Daryl Tan was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when he was just 19 years old. He was experiencing cycles of mood swings, stress and that kept him paranoid and troubled. He did not know how to handle his struggles or who he could turn to for help. It was a daily struggle he had to face alone.

    Until he had help from Club Heal, a social service agency that provides counselling, day rehabilitation and empowerment sessions to help persons with mental health conditions. With support and encouragement, Daryl made progress towards his recovery. He learned to manage his challenges and today he has stepped up to be a Peer Specialist, supporting and believing in other people with mental health conditions, so that they can be confident in their recovery journey.

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    Promo Code: POWERGIG30

    Here’s a $30 bill rebate as a token of appreciation. With the circuit breaker extended and a likely increase of electricity usage, it’s the best time to switch to a more cost-efficient electricity retailer.

    Terms and conditions apply.

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