Your Choice As a Consumer

The Singapore electricity market can be complex. We have included some useful information for you. We hope this section will help you understand the industry better.

Electricity consumers whose consumption meets certain criteria are granted "contestability status". This means that these consumers are now "contestable" and can buy electricity from licensed electricity retailers such as Senoko Energy Supply at competitive rates.

Consumers with unique needs can request these retailers to provide custom packages. You can read about some popular packages, such as our Fixed Price offers and the Senoko Quarterly Index, here.

Consumers who are not contestable will continue to purchase their electricity from SP Services at a regulated tariff which is revised quarterly

It can be bewildering!

You may not know what to do next. We can help you! Please contact us and we can help you in the following areas:

Check if you are a contestable customer

If you are a contestable customer, we will explain the choices that are available to you

You can check if you are an eligible contestable customer at We can also help you check your contestability eligibility. Just write to us and we will do the rest.

Apply for contestability

If you are not a contestable customer, but would like to be one, we help you apply for contestability if you meet certain consumption criteria*

Becoming a contestable customer is easy as 1-2-3!

To learn more about the electricity market in Singapore, click here. You can also contact us to speak with our representatives.

* subject to approval by the Energy Market Authority