Types of Energy Packages

If you are a "contestable customer" in Singapore, you are eligible to purchase electricity from us. Some of the more common electricity packages are:

Fixed Price Package

If you want to eliminate fluctuations in your electricity rate, the Fixed Price Package is for you.

The Fixed Price Package rate is the same for the entire term of your contract. It will not be affected by oil price fluctuations, electricity tariff revisions, or variations in your electricity consumption.

You can choose to have a single fixed price package or a peak and off-peak fixed price package.

Senoko Quarterly Index

The Senoko Quarterly Index is a proprietary quarterly index price that is created by Senoko. The SQI is designed such that it aims to offer a larger discount to the regulated tariff. With the SQI, you can enjoy more competitive rates compared to our standard energy products.

Discount Off Tariff

If you prefer to use the regulated electricity tariff as a benchmark, the "Discount Off Tariff" (DOT) may be the package for you.

DOT tariff guarantees a savings over the regulated electricity tariff, which applies to non-contestable customers. Even though the electricity tariff fluctuates every quarter, you are always in a "better off" position due to the guaranteed discount you enjoy.

Fuel Indexed Tariff

If you are familiar with the fuel oil and forex markets, and are willing to accept volatility in your electricity tariff in order to have "mark-to-market" pricing, the Fuel Indexed Tariff is for you.


These packages can be further customised to suit your specific concerns and needs. A minimum contract period is required for electricity retail contracts. Termination charges are applicable for early termination.

We also have energy management solutions that can help you manage your energy usage, and save more on your energy costs!

Write to us at sales@senokoenergy.com or submit an enquiry form to us and let Senoko help you save your energy costs!