Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

Senoko respects your right to privacy. Please read this statement carefully before submitting any information to us through this website.


By providing Senoko Energy Pte Ltd ("Senoko") with your personal particulars together with your enquiries and/or depositing your documents with us through Senoko's corporate website ("User Submitted Information"), you consent to Senoko and/or its affiliates to:

(a) collect, retain and disclose the User Submitted Information for the use in Senoko's business; and

(b) contact you by telephone, facsimile and/or electronic mail or other means in the course of Senoko's business.


In consideration for the User Submitted Information, Senoko undertakes to:

(a) use the User Submitted Information only for the purposes of contacting you in the course of Senoko's business;

(b) not to release the User Submitted Information to any third party unless Senoko had obtained your written consent to do so. This undertaking shall not apply to disclosure by Senoko is required either by law or by the following third parties:

   (i)   any of the Singapore governmental statutory boards or regulators;

   (ii)  any of Senoko's professional advisers;

   (iii) any third party service providers; and

   (iv)  any agent acting on Senoko's behalf.


While Senoko will use our best endeavours to protect User Submitted Information using appropriate information security technologies, Senoko does not promise that all such User Submitted Information will never be disclosed to third parties. Senoko also does not promise all communications and User Submitted Information received will always remain confidential.

This site may contain links to third-party websites whose data protection and privacy practices may differ from Senoko's. Senoko shall not be held responsible for the content and privacy practices of these other websites and encourage you to consult the privacy notices or statements of those sites.

Thank you for viewing our Privacy Statement.