Energy Solutions


Make your Senoko energy smart in 4 simple steps:


   Measure    Analytics   Report    Transform   
  Conveniently installed sensors measuring your power output real-time, using the Senoko Energy Box  

Cloud based Senoko Energy Manager Dashboard with state of the art analytics

  Simple and personalized report generator to provide you on-demand business metrics in function of energy use   Manage business throughout while optimizing your operations  



Make your operations smarter while reducing your costs:


   Go Digital    Increase Transparency    Cost Management  
  • Real-time metering
  • Wireless technology
  • Cloud based data management
  • Enhanced operational capability with real-time business metrics by monitoring your energy in function of your Products or Services
  • Increase your productivity by   allocating your resource on your core operations instead of metering duties 
  • Customized reporting
  • Control your energy costs real-time
       Energy Efficiency      

  • Identify opportunities for energy conservation
  • Reduce carbon footprint



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